Our domain is the distribution of specialistic equipment and accessories: surveillance systems (CCTV), satellite television, data transmission systems, W-LAN and GSM signal amplifiers.

In our offer you will find products of well-known and valued manufacturers. We offer  SIGNAL GSM repeaters, ReadBeam IR illuminators and other advanced solutions of brands such as Ultimax, TP-LINK, MONACO, or PIXORD. Our company is also the regional distributor of BCS cameras and DVR's.

A major part of our offer are GSM signal amplifiers. This small modern equipment will solve your problems with a limited GSM coverage at home, work or elsewhere. GSM repeaters sold by our company ensure the highest quality, even in places where GSM connection was difficult or impossible to obtain such as basements, offices, restaurants or hotels. GSM Repeater is a solution that will significantly improve your quality of life, eliminating the problem of poor coverage once and for all.

The GSM equipment offered by our company is certified and has all necessary statements of compliance with the latest Polish and European standards - it guarantees that offered GSM repeaters are not only safe to GSM networks, but also do not threaten your health.

Other branches of our assortment are: satellite TV, CCTV and data transmission systems. A wide range of advanced products certainly will help you make appropriate decisions.

Recently, our company also provides professional installation service of GSM amplifiers. Our experience shows that the installation of a simple system may cause several technical, and sometimes legal,  problems. That is why we give you the opportunity to have a full installation made by professionals. Our service guarantees proper functioning GSM system, which also is safe for your health.

We invite all customers to our stores: Zielona Góra, Aleja Zjednoczenia 92 or Żagań, Pstrowskiego 9. We hope you will find products to measure your expectations.

We encourage wholesalers and installers to cooperate with us – we provide good conditions.


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